Michael Merimee

Full-Stack Development, Marketing, and Advertising.



Software, Web, & App Development | Marketing, Branding, & SEO | Advertising & Design

I am a full-stack web and custom software developer, utilizing my background in marketing and operations to drive growth by identifying pain points and providing technical solutions to meet clients’ needs and wants 

I have experience in various programming languages and tools such as Java, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Vue.js. 

Before pursuing a technical career, I held positions as a Director of Digital Marketing and Technology and a Director of Marketing at Chick-fil-A and Scepter Publishers, respectively. In these roles, I designed and executed the branding and advertising plans, managed all marketing and CRM software, and developed the ERP and ecommerce databases. My leadership led to substantial growth in email lists and website sales.

Featured Projects

Vanyo mma


Bonfire Media

Frontend / Backend / Design / Branding / SEO

Scepter Publishers

Frontend / Backend / Design / SEO / Advertising

Holy Rollers Painting

Frontend / Backend

The Bonfire Store

Frontend / Backend / Design

My Artwork


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